Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mothers Day out there! I won't be spending it with my momma but she knows I love her very much!

I had an amazing evening last night. I decided last minute that I REALLY wanted to go see Dirty Dancing on Broadway. Its in Los Angeles for only a few months. So we threw on some dress clothes and (I) makeup and headed down to Hollywood. We arrived at the Pantages theater only like an hour and a half before the doors would open. Jack scurried up to the counter to find out that the only available mezzanine tickets were sitting by yourself but there was (2) sets of Front Row tickets. One set that was front row center or one set that was front row side. He called me to double check about spending the bucks ($100 a person) and we went for front row center. It was amazing! The only bad part being that close was there were a couple of scenes upstage that you couldn't really see but all the live dancing, kissing, sexy patricky swayze moves were happening downstage right in front of us! It was an amazing experienc. I never would have dreamt that we would be sooo close last minute but I guess I secreted that shit!

An image I grabbed from google. Doesn't the girl look so much like Baby from the movie! Wow. I guess Johnny Castle (P.Swayze part) was cast by an Aussie man. YOu could tell a little bit in his voice that he had an accent but man oh man he was a fine hunk of delisicous man. I deffinetly think this show would be uber fun with a bunch of girls!

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Happy Sunday and Mothers Day!

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