Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Humpday!

Hello Kiddies-
Yesterday we headed out to the desert an went to Calico the Ghost town.
It was established in the late 1800's and went from like 10 people to 2,500 back down to 8 people who still live there.

It was fun. We ended up paying a couple of bucks to pan for gold
and to go into an old abandoned mine.
I saw black widow

and thought I was going to die, but instead did some dancing on a bridge!

The dancing wore me out so we went and got Sarsaparillas

and hung out at the Saloon

and took some cheesy pics of ourselves escaping the dangerous mine!

and ended the day with some shopping at the outlets. Hello Banana and Gap I've missed thee!

Today, I think that we are going to go to Long Beach Aquarium and visit Paulette, a macaroon shop that I read about on one of my daily blog porn reads!



1 comment:

jasmine said...

calico is SO cool! my mom took me to vegas for my 21st birthday (so cute, right??), and we stopped there and played for awhile.

you guys are just having all kinds of adventures right now, aren't you??

i hope you made it to the long beach aquarium, and i hope you fed the lorikeets if you did!

i ESPECIALLY hope you made it to paulette. ohhhhh. i need to go soon. i thought that working in the area would get me there all the time, but i never go before because i don't be late for work. and i don't go after because it's usually closed by that time. next week. i WILL go next week. :)