Saturday, May 30, 2009

Neato Skeato

Today is Jack's 25th birthday! Not really sure what we are going to do. We had festivities last night at a night club and that was sooo much fun. Got to shake our money makers and drink lots! I think tonight we might play it a little bit more quiet and snuggle up together! Maybe catch a movie at the graveyard? Its a woody allen flick that is actually hilarious! I happened to catch it a few weeks ago on the instant watch of netflix. It was interesting how they talked about being gay, drugs, and sex. It felt so taboo while watching it! Anways, if you are in the Los Angeles area check it out! Movies in the graveyard is sooo much fun! Everyone brings a bottle of wine, some cheese and a picnic blanket and there is even a dj to spin before and after the movie! Its not creepy at all and is something a little bit out of the norm!

How freaking awesome is this pic? I am in love with it! The eyelashes are totally impractical if you plan on having your eyes open at all while wearing them but they look so freakin cool! Just found this new blog and she is a makeup artist. She's got some great photo's and seems to work with really cool spaces and concepts !

Happy Saturday!


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