Friday, April 2, 2010

Is it Friday already?

Wowza the time flew by this week and year!

I can't believe its already the 2nd day of April. I remember saying something similar about March. It felt like I said that 3 days ago and now its poof April! On one hand I'm super excited. My birthday is on the 19th and so it is something to look forward to but once my birthday is done and over the month will fly by and summer will really be here!

To be honest, coming up with something creative to blog about when you're really tired and haven't had time to really peruse other awesome blogs for inspiration can leave you a bit dry. So today, I thought I'd round up some of my fav. blogs and share them with you! I hope you find a new couple of blogs to enjoy!

Design Inspiration


Inside a Black Apple

A Beautiful Mess

Skunkboy Creatures

Cooking Inspiration

*the wednesday chef

The Wednesday Chef

Bread and Honey

Wedding Inspiration

*green wedding shoes

Green Wedding Shoes

Snippet and Ink

I hope some of these inspire and encourage you! Let me know if you have some absolutly to die for blogs that you read! I'm always looking to read a new one! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Easter weekend always marks the beginning of spring for me.

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