Monday, April 12, 2010

Diddy Riese Cookies

I'm sorry for being away for so long but entertaining guests who are, how shall we say, slightly unable to take care of themselves for any amount of time, types of people can be tiresome. My week consisted of working for 10 hours and then going to pick them up so we could eat dinner for a couple of hours and finally getting back home to sit up for another 2 hours with the dogs so they didnt feel neglected with me going back to work and being gone for 14hrs a day ( we do let them out for lunch but it was quick because we were meeting the visitors for lunch). Sooo enough of my complaining, the good part of entertaining people is that you try to remeber the great stuff you love about LA! One of my favorite places to go is Diddy Riese nestled on the outskirts of the UCLA campus is the cutest little city area called "Westwood Village" and inside filled with lots of yummy restaurants, a bunch of old movie theaters that do the official screenings of movies with celebs and Diddy Riese.

DR is a ice cream sandwich shop that has been open since 1983. For $1.50 you can get the best ice cream sandwich that ever lived. First you pick out the type of cookie you want and then you pick out the ice cream for the filling and they push them together and hand you a bowl of happiness. Its amazing! I highly recommend checking them out if you're in the area! The line looks long and scary but its really fast!

My favorite combo is snicker doodle top and bottom with butter pecan ice cream in the middle. Narm Narm Narm.



Leslie said...

why haven't you ever taken me here!? YUM!!!!

next time.

Raechel said...

I actually kind of forgot about Diddy Reise. Its not forgettable but its in an area of town I don't frequent...except lately to get some narmy cookies.