Monday, July 6, 2009


My lady in leisure lifestyle is back on track. Woke up around 8 a.m. and had some fab snuggle time and got up just in time to have a bit of breakfast with the boy and make him a latte to take to work.

Now I'm checking up on my fav. blogs and found something that I must share with you all!

These little rings snap onto your finger and provide you with a tiny little appetizer plate. So when you are prowling a party you can have a drink and a snack without sitting down! Pure genius. Spoon sisters carry these and at $9.95 for a box of ten I'm tempted to get these for my next soiree...Oh wait..I'm supposed to stop buying frivolous junk! Ok...someone out there buy theses and have a party so I can' try one out!

Cheers and Happy Monday!


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