Saturday, July 18, 2009

Potato, Asiago, and Rosemary Pizza

Ok write down these lists of ingredients and go make this pizza ASAP! I was so hungry after getting out of Salsa class. It was later in the evening and the store would be closing in a while and I just settled that a homemade pizza would rock my world. To my surprise the heavens opened up and I was born with an idea-Potato, Asiago Rosemary Pizza. To further inspire my idea when I went to the cheese section they had put out a new cheese, Rosemary encrusted Romao. Is this a sign or what? So we gathered up our last ingredients and headed home.

This is loosely the recipe that i followed. Its pretty hard to mess up a homeade pizza, especially when you are using a pre-made crust..ahem. Its quick! Don't judge me :)

Pizza Crust ( I used whole foods pre-made)
1 small Yukon gold potato ( extremely thin sliced)
1 hunk of rosemary crusted romao for shredding
Asiago/Parmesan shredded cheese
2 large garlic cloves
Crushed Rosemary (or fresh if you have on hand)

Brush your pizza crust with olive oil and I used a micro plane to grate my garlic cloves on top of the pizza ( so they were like a paste) and used a knife to spread it into the olive oil.

Top the pizza with extremely thinly sliced potato slices ( they will cook quicker). Shred the Rosemary encrusted romao over the potato slices and I mixed in the asiago/ parm so it wouldn't be sooo powerful. Dash with a little bit more rosemary if you so choose.

Bake at 400 ( or wahtever your pizza crust recipe recommends) and finish off with some salt and ground pepper.

Kids this has to be my new favorite pizza. It would go great with a nice cold crisp wine. We had pizza and a bowl of watermelon last night. It was the bees knees.

Not my picture but one stolen off of google so you can get an idea. I was too hungry to get the camera and take a picture before I snarfed it.

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Erica said...

mmm, sounds yummy. I just bought some TJ's whole weat pizza dough and think I'm going to get my pizza on this weekend. I want to try some sort of cheeseless vegan pizza. I'll let you know what I come up with.