Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fall Wedding

via- snippet and ink

So I can't commit. Its such a big problem of mine. I love reading wedding blogs and everytime I open another one of my fav. blog porns. I find a new wedding inspiration board that I love even more! We all know that the men don't have any choice in the matter. They are supposed to just show up wearing the cute little tux that we were with when they picked out and that is it.

How am I going to decide the theme for my wedding? I mean seriously? With all of these amazing blogs and what not out there my little brain is going to explode. I figure I will have at least 5 weddings and they will all be different themes. to finance these? Maybe I can spin it and get a grant of some sort for the purpose of research! Yes..research. I mean it really is a pyschological type of event...........

ohhhh anways, I need to be cleaning because I'm hosting Cake Thursday at my house. I wish that I had come up with this idea all by myself but alas I didnt. It comes from a group that Leslie participates with. Oh well! If its a good idea why try to reinvent it right?



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