Tuesday, February 1, 2011

France and Belgium - Part Four

Versailles - While I wasn't a huge fan of Versailles its one of the places that when visiting France and if you have the time you should go. The disappointment came to me that it was not very well decorated. They have basically stripped all of the furniture out of the palace except for his master sleeping chambers and Marie Antoinette's room. Otherwise, most of the rooms are filled with paintings. So you spend hours looking at paintings which might have been more interesting if I hadn't spent the day before at the Louvre....C'est La Vie.

Versaille is just a short hour ride out of the city which you can take by train. Its about a mile away from the train station and pretty much everyone walks from the train to the palace.

You're greeted with a copper statue of Louis XIV

and a giant gold fence

The museum pass also got us into Versailles for free ( or rather included in the original cost). I believe it was about 35euros entrance fee.

I love this face.

The multiple wings of Versailles. I'm pretty sure we covered them all!

There were lots of statues flanking the hallways

and of course the hall of mirrors was gorgeous!

The amount of gold and crystal in the hall of mirrors was stunning. I'm really glad that it wasn't closed for renovations when we went. The hall made the trip!

Close up of one of the crystal chandeliers

Prime opportunity to take a pic of us!

Lots of beautiful artwork

I was a huge fan of the ceilings and all of the ornate detailing like LP everywhere! ( refer to the ovals in the 4 corners they all say LP)

Even beautiful stone carved ceilings

Its amazing the sheer amount of gold paint that must have been needed to cover the entire palace.

Beautiful long hallways of gigantic paintings!

More tomorrow on Versailles! It is a huge palace that can't be covered in just one day!

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