Monday, February 28, 2011

France and Belgium - Part Eight

The food was to die for in Paris. Though when we left I was really craving vegetables. I ate a lot of ham, cheese, butter and carbs but they were delicious.

My favorite part of Paris was that no matter what time of the day ( except I'm guessing very late at night/early morning) there was always somewhere open to get something to eat. I was particularly fond of getting a dessert crepe on our way home from somewhere usually an apricot and sugar crepe. Yum.

Everything was always portable. Like a waffle!

or some of these delicious looking tarts
I was a huge fan of Mich Sandwiches in the background. We stopped there most mornings to order a ham, cheese and egg crepe for me and usually some type of sandwich for Jack.

See the yummy sandwich below. Everything was always made fresh and only a couple of euros for each sandwich.

Sometimes you needed something sweeter like an espresso and a rasin au pain.

Sometimes you forget what you ordered because you aren't that great at french!

Most lunches we ordered consisted of this - 8 euros a person and you got a sandwich, a bottle of water and a sweet.

These sweets were not included but so delicious. The best figs I've ever tasted and that says a lot coming from California where we have great fresh fruit year round!

I do wish we had gone to a fancy restaurant but I was nervous about not speaking very fluent french and I didn't want to go somewhere touristy that they would speak English. I am impressed with how amazing all the food was. We never had anything we didn't like. I highly recommend bringing a pocket full of euro's or small bills and trying a lot of the street food. It's an amazing experience and integral part of traveling to Paris.

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