Wednesday, February 2, 2011

France and Belgium - Part Four Continued

Back to beautiful Versailles Palace - More areas that the famous "LP" is being signified. I'm sure that it was a lot more places than I realized. A lot of it was unintentional in my photographs that I noticed later too!

I fell in love with the black and white stone checkerboard floors. They were so worn and beautiful.

I also was fascinated with this staircase area. It reminded me a lot of an M.C. Escher photo.

In the courtyard were beautiful gilded areas like this. Needless to say Louis XIV gilded the lilly; quite a bit....

Beautiful sculptures mixed with gold accents

Honestly, if you are on a tight budget. I would just go and walk around the grounds of Versailles. I'm pretty sure its free to wander the gardens and the outside. I'ts so beautiful.

Quintessential Parisian to me -- the roof that is faded and the heavily decorated windows.

I loved these busts that were all over the palace. Imagine how amazing it would be to see your great great grandfathers face somewhere in Versailles.

The outside of Versaille was was more impressive to me. I wish we had dressed warmer. The entire time we were in Paris we only needed a jacket when we went out one evening. Otherwise, it was beautiful weather for just a sweater and jeans. We wore the same to Versailles, during the day, which must have been 10-20 degrees colder. We were freezing and couldn't enjoy the outside grounds as much as we would have otherwise.

One of the wings of Versailles. This is what faces the beautiful gardens.

It was so cold I wrapped my scarf around my head to try and keep warmer!

We traded photo's with a group of young Japanese women. I love this picture of us even though my hair is in my face.

As we were leaving we said our goodbyes to the beautiful Versailles Palace.

I love this fountain so much!

Next up, Les Catacombes of Paris

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