Thursday, June 10, 2010

I love my job

but I miss blogging! I miss looking at other people's beautiful blogs and being inspired to do/create/live. Sound depressing but for a lot of people being unemployed was simply dreadful but not for me. I enjoyed it 95% of the time. I did miss the stable income and sometime the personal drive to suceed at a job but its a trade for working and not being able to craft or read blogs or blog myself.

Hmmm.....What's a girl to do? I try to get up early and read some of my favorite blogs or I read them while eating breakfast. I remebered I haven't been over to We Heart It in a really long time. So Here's some pretty images I found this morning while over there!

I guess I'm in an aqua color mood. I randomly picked a few objects and they all appear to be in a similar color spectrum. How bizarre.

Here's to 2 more days of work and then 2 days of pure fun!


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