Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I am head over heels for...

feathers. Especially peacock feathers. So imagine my pure delight when I popped over to Design is mine's blog and her post was all about feathers. I'm digging this necklace so much. I might need to put this on my birthday list.

It's from modcloth and is only $20.00. To continue this peacock feather craze take a look at these beauties found we heart it.

Seriously, loving this white/pink peacock feather necklace.

I'd love for this to be my little entry vignette.

I don't have any tattoo's but if i did; it'd probably be a peacock/or some other type of feather.

Also, another feather tattoo that is gorgeous. I don't think I could actually commit to a tattoo but these are gorgeous.

On that feather; I'm out.




Reuben said...

that peacock feather tattoo is rad!

Raechel said...

Thanks! If I ever get courage my tat would look something like that!