Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Anthropologie Lovin

I hope everyone had a lovey V-day weekend. I love three day weekends. We were thinking we were going to lay low for Valentines day but we ended up going to The Rose Bowl Flea Market. Which is a giant flea market in Pasadena, CA. It was 80 something and in the direct sunlight so we stayed for about 2 hours but got lots of looksies in. I'm looking for a little vintage chandelier for my closet ( Until i get that figured out I need to wait to post pictures of my closet redux). They were anywhere from $80-200 and lots of them were in just so-so condition or needed rewiring. I just felt uncomfortable plunking down that cash for something that will be hidden in my closet 90% of the time. So for now we wait.

After the flea market we headed to grab some lunch at Yardhouse and back to LA to spend some snuggly time on the sofa watching movies while eating crab legs, herb brie cheese and a good bottle of chardonnay.

Before dinner we exchanged presents - Jack has really wanted the new Wii Mario game so that is what he got. I know exciting. I personally hate the game I think its REALLY hard but its not my gift. For my gift I got this lovely mustard yellow sweater from Anthro.
I literally almost died because 2 days before I had been making returns and looked at this sweater but decided that it was a bit expensive and I should wait until my birthday to start buying clothes. So I was giddy and super excited that this was my V-day gift and that he knows me so well. Today I've been daydreaming about what I can pair this sweater with.

Like this lovey grey/creme/yellow dress. Not quite sure if the yellows would match but I love it.

I love the whimsical print on this little dress.

This one is a nighty/house dress but I think unless it see through that its absolutely gorgeous and could be worn outside of the house.

Speaking of anthro I can't stop thinking about this sweatshirt. I love their lounge wear. Its all really comfy. I really want this owl sweatshirt. Maybe soon.

Also, while searching for dresses I came across this lime dress. Ach. Its so beautiful. I think I need this one too!



P.S. For V-day I made little shortbread button cookies from 46th at Grace's blog and passed them out to friends. My blog friend turned real life friend Jo did a post about them! Check it out here!

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