Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seattle Trip - Part One

Last month, Jack and I flew up to Seattle for a mini weekend trip. We celebrated our ninth anniversary! A little bit over 2 years ago we had planned a trip to Seattle and the day that I bought plane tickets I was also laid off. Needless to say we cancelled our trip so Seattle has been on my hot list for years!

We booked our hotel thru Orbitz's priceline negotiator. We "negotiated" a deal of $80 a night for the downtown Seattle Westin. I'm kind of hooked on this negotiating deals thing. It's quite fun!

We were only a couple of blocks away from Pike's Place Market and we were in perfect walking distance for a lot of restaurants, bars and events. Plus our hotel was the double round towers so it made it easy to figure out where we were supposed to be headed too!

We arrived really late Friday night so we got up early on Saturday morning and hit Pike's Place Market. We were starving so we hit up a Piroshky Piroshky for a cup of borscht and a piroshky.

Borscht and piroshky were both phenomenal!

After getting breakfast we walked into the main building of the market and looked at all the goods that people were selling!

There are a few fish mongers in the market. I wish we had a kitchen while staying in Seattle. I would have loved to cook something up on my own!

These homemade pickles looked to die for!

I'm guessing February is off season in Seattle but the market was packed wall to wall on Saturday.

We took some corny tourist pictures in front of the iconic market sign!

We also tried some of the famous Beechers homemade cheese curds.

We're both from Wisconsin and so we naturally had to see if they lived up to what we both grew up with.

They did not but the mac and cheese was the best mac and cheese on the planet. Inside the Beechers store you can watch them make cheese curds in different stages which is rad.

Seattle is a very hilly city if you're heading down to the market. I would assimilate it to San Francisco's streets. Maybe not quite as bad! Jack would stop to take pictures of the little oddities on buildings like this rain gutter with plants growing out of it

and I would power through and wait for him at the top!

I'm not sure if everyone knows this but Seattle is apparently one of the biggest chocolate shop cities outside of Europe!

I think they have something like 50 different chocolate shops! So we tried a few when we happened on them! There is even a chocolate walking tour if you're up for that sort of thing. Yum.

The first shop which I can't remember the name we ordered a little sampler platter of chocolate.

Starting with the yellow and going right was : a mimosa truffle, dark chocolate raspberry, the plain chocolate was a balsamic strawberry truffle and a gray sea salt caramel truffle.

Another one of the advertised chocolate shops was selling chocolate stuffed figs. I definitely had to try that out!

The tiny truffle was an earl gray tea truffle and the big truffle was the chocolate stuffed fig. They basically hollow out a fig and shove it full of chocolate and then dip it in chocolate to seal the goodness in. The more see thru the chocolate inside is the less fig filling there is. We had more fig/less chocolate combo.

I think tomorrow I'll continue up with another portion of our trip!

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