Thursday, March 3, 2011

France and Belgium - Part Nine

Arc De Triomphe- is an amazing structure situated in the middle of a round about in Paris.

It's right off the Champs Elysee and you have to take an underground tunnel to get to the center so you don't die from the chaos of the cars traveling around it!

As a word of advice - Do not go to the Catacombs and the Arc the same day. They both have an insane amount of stairs that you must climb.

Its Europe so they don't have elevators in national monuments like they do here but it doesn't matter even elderly people still climb up and down. It was one of the aspects that I loved about Europe! I would see very elderly people taking the metro, walking around, climbing monuments!

The Arc is so beautiful. I'm not quite sure what is built out of but it is covered with beautiful carved stone such as this arched ceiling.

There are lots of beautiful sculptures around the base of the arc.

I was particularly fond of this man with such a concerned look.

In my mind he's saying something similar to " What! You ran out of Ham and Cheese crepes?!"

If you make it alive to the top the view is astounding. What's even more remarkable is that the top of the arc is maybe 1/3 the height of the view from the Eiffel Tower.

The arc since it sits on a roundabout offers views of Paris from all sides.

Its beautiful to see the symmetry in the roof lines such as all these clay chimney's.

We spent a good amount of time up at the top and enjoying the views of the city. We never made it over to the area that is oddly very new looking.

We took lots of pictures and video's at the top! Even managed to pose with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

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