Thursday, September 24, 2009

If you're going to San Francisco...

I'm just finishing my breakfast and about to start putting everything into my suitcase to prepare for my 4 oclock flight to San Francisco. I'm going up there to celebrate my best friends 30th birthday and party it up with other friends who live up there. I am super excited for this fun filled birthday!

If you've never been to San Francisco I highly recommend going especially if you know someone who lives there. The first time I went it was on more of a tourist type of visit and I didn't really care for Downtown San Fran but I loved the wine country and thought it was gorgeous! Now this will be my 3rd time up there as a non tourist and I love it! There are so many unique neighborhoods and things to do! I'm a little bummed that the weather isn't going to be a bit more chillier ( its going to be almost 80's). I'm not going to lie and I love the cold crisp fall weather and I even bought the cutest sweater from Anthropologie in hopes that I'd be wearing it in SFO. I guess it will have to wait until I go to Wisconsin! I think it will be perfect to wear when its like 60's and then to layer with a longsleeve shirt for when its 30-40 degrees! Pair it with some cute jeans, boots and a gorgeous long necklace and we have a smoking outfit.

I love how anthropologie is so detailed orientated. Even the back has some interesting patterning.

So, I am looking forward to going to lots of good restaurants and bars and just normal shenanigans that happen when we get together to play!

So on that note my lovies I leave you with a picture from my first trip to San Francisco.



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