Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raise your hand if

you are impatient. I have no patience what so ever if i want something! Currently, my slower than a 90 year old woman computer is downloading the latest Ingrid Michaelson CD - Everybody. Its only $10.99 from Itunes people! So worth the money. Though now thinking back on it I definitely should have looked for an LP version first of it. Oh well!

2 more days till I leave for San Francisco. I am getting really excited. There is talks of an 80's cover band, a speak easy 1920's bar, sushi, japanese tea garden, a baseball game, and lots of wine! Sounds like an amazing weekend and I can't be more excited to ring in my besti-cles 30th!!

Ok, its almost done. I need to go rock out to my new ingrid tunes and start prepping for my trip!



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