Thursday, October 15, 2009

Please don't hate me!

I haven't meant to be M.I.A. but the days have slipped by and I always put blogging on the top of my list for tommorow.

Today, I took a major risk and bought black nail polish. Currently, I am loving it. I haven't quite cleaned up the parts where I colored over the lines but here's a little sampling of it and my new necklace Jack bought me! Its a piece of Tourmaline dipped in 14k. I love it!

Also, I recently downloaded a new app for my iphone. The camera bag app for $1.99 ( i believe) maybe it was $2.99. Totally worth it and it comes with like 6 or 7 different filters for your photos. I love them all except maybe the fish eye but its probably because pictures of people look a bit bizzare in a fish eye.

Anyways, thanks for still loving me and I'll try to blog more and be a stinker less!



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