Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hello Old Friend

Its been way to long since I've last posted and I am so sorry for that! Things have been super busy over here in LA LA Land. We've almost 100% settled into our new house. We are quickly running out of room and it means I just need to be way more organized ( eek!).

This past Saturday we had a big yard sale and made some bank ( woot!) and I had to splurge on this purse. I've seriously had a hard on for it for the past few months. Its gorgeous and I am sure you will agree!

Well I had better hop to it...get it hop to it! Easter's almost here :)..Anyways, I am meeting my love for lunch today at Venice Beach Wines. It is a tiny wine bar with all the lovely food that goes well with wine. I'm thinking of having the brie, grape, basil and truffle oil pressed sandwich and maybe a glass of chardonnay. Is it lunch yet?

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