Friday, March 13, 2009


Happy Friday Kids! It might be Friday the 13th but good stuff is happening over in LaLa Land! We just signed our new lease for our new 2 bedroom 1 bath house! Its a tidge smaller which means extra organizing and tidiness is a necessity but on the bright side we definitely will be saving a big chunk of change every month! Its going to be sad parting with our current house! We really do love it and have many great memories~drunken wine parties, game nights, etc..but its really for the best! We are living beyond our means especially now that I am currently a lady of leisure ( aka unemployed!) Anways! Stay tune for new updates on our new house! we are going for a really fresh approach and lots of bold colors. Slate Grey, Crisp White, LemonyYellow, Grass Green and maybe we will keep our bright blue that we having in the office!

Cheers and Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

I am for sure coming Easter weekend. And will be happy to be put to work in the new pad. Cheers!