Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Guys. If anyone of you knows me in real life. You know that I have serious love for animals. All animals! I have been doing some thinking and I would really love 1 more doggies! I want a little lap dog. I have decided that I want a mini aussie. They are absoutely adorable and they are tiny but have the heart of a big dog! So, on doing some searching I came across Barkely. A mini aussie/daucschaund mix. Ok come on! How f-ing cute is this little guy! I think he'd love my yard and Marley and Stella. Here's some oggling pics

Ok! So no stealing this little guy he is way to adorable for anyone else but me to own him! JK. On a side note if i can't adopt Barkley I hope he finds the best home!!

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Anonymous said...

So, in my bored misery after my surgery this week, I spent a little bit (okay, nearly two hours) clicking through all of the On Demand options on my Comcast. OMG - SO many options. One of them I found (under the snazzy Get Local section) is Pet Adoptions. Ya, they literally have a Dog and Cat section where you can play individual videos about animals that need to be adopted in your area. They are listed by the name of each animal, and each has about a 2 minute video about him or her. Do you have this? It is so adorable, and such a cute idea! Good thing I wasn't heavy on my meds at that point because I may have gone into QVC/Home Shopping mode and unconsciously picked up the phone and adopted every single pet. :) So ya, that is my discovery for the week. On Demand Pet Adoptions. Who would have thunk?