Monday, January 19, 2009


My new MAC makeup came today in the mail ( that i got with my 25% discount) but it was shadowed by the fact that one of my doggies got sick in the cage and i had to clean up poopy :( ewwwwwwwwww.

So anways, now to pretty makeups!

So i bought (starting from the lipgloss and going left)

Major Minor Lip Glass
Pink Venus Eye Shadow
Expensive Pink Eye Shadow
Wintersky Eye Shadow
Sweet Lust Eye Shadow
Woodwinked Eye Shadow

Yay! I am dreaming of new color combination's. I have been wanting these eyeshadows for ever and now they are finally in my little paws.

Well i hate to cut this short but my best-ie is coming on Thursday eve and my house is a mess as ushz.

Peas Out and Carrots In

Sweet Lust Eyeshadow

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Leslie said...

ooooh! YAY!

I was going to have new mascara hand delivered to me this week but due to flat tires and lack of money I will now have to go to the mall and pick up my own. :( Not nearly as fun as having your besty bringing it to you from far away. That is my story.

Enjoy your new make up! Looks pretty.