Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ornament Swap 2010

I was going through my emails and I found one from Anthroplogie and they were taunting me with all of the fun ornaments for the upcoming holidays and I thought " hey why don't I host an ornament swap?"

So I'm hoping to get this going! The cut off for sign up will be Wednesday, November 24th at midnight. We will randomly assign people and lets send out the ornaments by December 3rd to allow for ample shipping time. The price limit is $15 but the ornament can be handmade/crafted.

Please email me with the following:

Your Name
Your Address
If you have a specific theme going - ( tree is gold, bronze, and glittery) or if you want someone to pick something on a whim!

Only 43 more days to go till Santa Claus brings us lots of goodies!

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