Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Snuggly Clothes

Even though the temp yesterday hit 101 degrees ( by the Ocean!!) I'm still dreaming of cool crisp weather. This weekend I did a short stop at Anthropologie and found a few sweaters in the clearance section that I absolutely "needed". I am considering just wearing layers in Europe. I think a shirt and maybe a warm wool sweater and a scarf might be warm enough during the day that I won't need to lug around a jacket. I hate jackets. Growing up in Wisconsin you'd think that I understand the necessities of having a jacket but I don't. I really really hate them even if they're super cute.

This cute little orange top to put under the sweaters. It reminds me of pumpkin pie!
This oatmeal wool sweater with the asymetrical details on the front.
This wrap wool sweater. I actually bought a dark green version and I might switch out the belt with a big thick other color belt.

Come on fall!! I'm ready for you!


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