Monday, May 3, 2010

Brussels, Part 2 of the trip

Spent a few hours on Sunday pouring through on where to stay. We decided that not only are hotels expensive but lack the one on one personal interaction we want so we decided to spend our time in Brussels in Bed and Breakfasts.

So we spend 8 days in Paris/France and drive up to Bruge on the 8th day and spend one night in this amazing looking b&b.

I mean really? Look at those dark wood beams, the pitched roof, the wood planked floors. This is the most expensive place we are staying at 115 euros for the night but it includes breakfast. We figured that breakfast could easily run us 10-20 euros a person and so that made the room more around our price range of 70-80 euros a night. From Bruges we will stop in Ghent for the day and look around and head to Brussels for the evening where we will check into Leopold II b&b. Its built in an art noveau house ( swoooon!) . I'm not a huge architect nerd but art noveau is one of my most favorite eras of architecture ever! Plus, the beautiful bed and wallpaper sold me immediately!

I think I need to forewarn my family, friends and work that I might just permanently take up residence in Europe. I love the charm of these b&b's. Even though, I love the place we picked in Paris, I am a bit disappointed that we won't have a charming b&b host to give us the scoop on the locale.

Can't believe its already Monday again. The weekend flew by. I did spend nearly 6-7 hours trying on jeans this past weekend. I found a few pairs but I'm not completely sold on them so they are going to stay in the bag with the tags and I'll try them on again in a week and see if I've changed my mind about them. Its hard to spend $100 on jeans when I can imagine that could be our food budget for a day in Paris. Oh well, C'est La Vie!



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