Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am a pretty routine type of girl. I wake up on Saturday morning, have a yummy breakfast, take a shower, go to ballet, grab some lunch and go home. This Saturday was a Saturday that will forever change and mold the rest of my Saturdays from now on. You see I did do my normal Saturday routine up until after lunch. I had Chipotle Veggie Fajitas Bowl and I was in the mood for a little sweetness. So I suggested PinkBerry which is just a few doors down. Well my dear little Stace suggested we try Yogurtland. I was a bit nervous when she said it is a frozen yogurt self serve bar. I had images in mind of me stuck at the fro yo machine eating it straight from the spigot. Luckily, there was no such activity but I did get to concoct my perfect little dessert. I ended up with Peach, Blueberry and Peanut Butter ( don't worry it was in its own quadrant) and topped it off with some mochi's for the pb, and kiwi, strawberry and blueberry for the fruity yogurt side. There was three of us ( paid for Stace's because she drove) and the bill was $11.something. I consider that a pretty good price considering the only sizes they have are giant or extra giant. I probably filled my 1/ 2 full with fro yo and maybe 1/4 full with toppings. It is $.30 an ounce. So I've included a little youtube link if you want to see what the place looks like.

Here is a picture from a random google search!

It deffinetly might be on my Saturday to do list from now on. Its super good and I am non commital when it comes to fro yo flavors. I always want 2 or 3 or 4. So its perfect for a person like me. I also tried pistachio, cookies n cream, taro ( coconut), and chocolate. They were all exceptionally tasty!

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