Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crafty Cupid Swap

Hi There Kids-

So, I'm super lazy and have not posted what I received from the craft swap. So here it is!

My swap mate gave me this lovely white and blue feather hair clip. Now i'm suspecting Cupid gave her some hints because i have been itching for one of these and i just absolutely love it! the colors are soo perfect! its like my swap mate was reading my mind. This Saturday is our anniversary. I might just have to wear this in my hair!!! Love it! Then the other gift i got was a precious little red crystal heart on a cream colored silk cord. Love this as well! Its so delicate and feminine!!

I also got some very naughty Reese's PB hearts and some conversation hearts in the box. Yum!

Thanks so much to my swapper! It was great fun and would totally do this again! You can see what I sent to my swap mate at and check out Nik's blog here .

Cheers Kids its almost Friday!

Peas out Carrots in!

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