Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Present 2008: Beach Cruiser

I know its a little bit early to be getting Christmas presents but last night I got to pick out my present! I am in love kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am also trying not to use too many exclamation points!!

I've wanted a beach cruiser for quite a few months and this summer I just never could commit to buying one. I didn't know if i would use it (ahem, my mountain bike) but I just really wanted one!

So last night I drove down to Torrance and picked out the cutest one and here we go! I'm envisioning a really cute basket for the front and just maybe some frilly things for the handlebar!

Enjoy! (all these images are stolen from the bike shops site)

This is a full view of the bike

Pretty Paisley seat

View of the sweet greenwalls!

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Leslie said...

oh I do love it! how exciting!!!! Are you riding it all over the place? I hope so. Great color, great paisley seat, it's so wonderful! Have fun!