Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Beginnings

Happy March 1st. I always feel that once you get past January and February you are home free and spring will be here soon. Now, that I live in California there isn't so much a need for it to be Spring as quickly. I am enjoying the cool air and the crisp evenings. I like to wear scarves and sweaters and boots. So its nice I guess to live somewhere that I can do that but it won't get to cold or snowy.

Yesterday my best friend in the whole world packed up and moved away. Julie moved to San Francisco and while I am so happy for her and her new adventures I am going to miss her very much. Its not the same as having her here but she is still close to be able to go visit. For her last night in town we went to JiRaffe which was excellent. The restaurant is in Santa Monica and features French Country cuisine with California Flair. It was really yummy. I highly recommend it if you have a couple of hundred to lay down at dinner. With her moving it has left me contemplating my life and where I have been. Its funny to think that I moved out here just over two years ago and really hated it and now I am beginning to love it. I wouldn't mind moving back to the Midwest but I love parts of California. I love how liberal and earth friendly people are. Its an experience living out here.

Also, on other news. Wednesday will mark one year at my job. Its been a long year but a good year. I have really grown and understand so much more what I do. I remember some of the first few months of work just not understanding what the hell I was doing and feeling so frustrated. Now I am given projects and take them almost to completion with only a few questions. It's nice to know that I've grown so much over this past year.

I have to admit I haven't been keeping up with my New Years Resolutions as much as I would like but I'm trying. Its been an odd year so far and I feel like I haven't quite caught up with everything. Maybe this month will be a good month to ground an recenter myself.

Well I'm going to go make some breakfast! I wish I could claim this recipe but my friend concocted it and its delicious. I am trying to eat Vegan and so this is wonderful because it doesn't call for any eggs or any other products I can't have. Yum Yum these are absolutely delicious!

Apricot Ginger Pancakes
(from Sarah Burgess's Kitchen)

1 c flour
1.5 t baking powder
.5 t salt
1/8 c. sugar
2 pinches ground ginger
.5 c water
.5 c grape juice
.5 c safflower oil
2 heaping T apricot jam (3 if you want a stronger apricot flavor)

Start a pan on low to low-medium heat. Combine dry ingredients; combine wet ingredients including apricot jam. Add wet mixture to dry mixture and blend quickly and thoroughly. Allow to rest for about 3-5 minutes, stir, and pour into greased pan.

Makes approx. 12 medium-sized pancakes.

Happy March 1st


P.S. Here is a funny Natalie Dee drawing to start your March out with !

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