Monday, March 31, 2008

I am sooo happy!

So many things to update in this blog! First of all, I got a new job. I was hired to work at KGM Lighting in Los Angeles. They do high end residential lighting design. They do some amazing projects. I am lucky and already knew one of the girls who worked there so she got my foot in the door and also my current job does work with KGM. So when I went in I already knew a lot about them and their style. I am so excited that I am going to have a real professional job with my own cube, and wear dress up clothes and get health insurance and paid vacations. I know it seems so silly but when you've been working for a year and not really "working" its quite an exciting thing to be moving forward to a company like this!

So in preparation for my new job, of course I needed to buy some new things! So to date I have purchased a kate spade daily planner in grass green, a kate spade pink desk leather agenda book, and i have replaced my old hobo international purse with the same one but new! I love this purse to pieces and I had to track one down because its an old season's purse. I truly love this purse! and it shows. Its so tattered and it has a huge ink stain in a pocket but I love love love it!

I also bought a few things from the Bananna Republic Outlet. They were having a 40% off sale this weekend and so I picked up a coral short sweater and a really pretty brown and hot pink patterned dress shirt with a brown waist heigh bow.

I still need to get some more office appropriate looking clothes. Such as dress pants and some new high heels. Mine are tragic. I have worm them out drinking at the bar. Shame on me!

Well Kids, I start my new job on April 14th. I am pretty excited even though its a bummer I have to leave my old job. I truly love it and will miss my boss. He's such a good person and I like having in my life but I have to move forward and make smart career decisions now.

Hope everything is going well in your lives!


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