Sunday, January 6, 2008

Retro Art in my own home.....

Today, was a very exciting day for me! I went to breakfast and decided to do some thrifting. Well to my surprise! I found an awesome piece of art!

I saw this beautiful girl, Giselle ( my own name for her), and I knew I had to buy it, and at $7.99 for the picture I though it was such a steal!

I get Giselle home and take off the back of the frame to find it with a mat and ready to be hung. So I bought a frame at Aaron Brothers today for $17.00 and I have frame Giselle.

So...just out of curiosity I decide to look up the artist, John Luke Eastman. Well my good friend John is from the 70's and its an original lithograph from that time period! So, I am in love with Giselle and even more now that I know she is from the 70's! yay!

Enjoy her! I know I will

Official Name: Crown Face
Year: 1974
Artist: John Luke Eastman
Media: Lithograph

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