Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Its 2008 already!

Happy 2008 Friends! Its amazing how this past year has flown by for me, and I'm sure for you. I just came back last night from being in Wisconsin for a little bit over a week. It was great to see my friends and family. I miss everyone so much and its so hard to see everyone, but we try our best.

I have been doing some research on New Years resolutions and the word resolution has become such a negative thing. I MUST do this and this otherwise I'm a failure so I looked up some synonyms to use this year and I have come up with MyNew Years Purpose. This is a list I will be using to inspire and achieve my goals, hopefully.

My New Years Purpose

1. Finances
  • Starting a retirement savings plan
  • Look into investing my savings bonds and money
  • Start a saving for a rainy day fund
  • Work on credit score to get it as high as possible
  • To go out less and save more!
2. Business
  • Focus on what types of business I am interested in and narrow it down
  • Start looking into making the business a reality
  • Look into possible ways to promote and start a business
3. Career
  • Establish what type of career I want to have and in what field
  • Work on putting together a new resume and identity package to give to possible employers and being prepared to interview for the perfect job at any point in time
  • Look at what type of future I would like to have with a company and what type of financial situation I should be in with that company
  • Look into going back to school for business (part time, full time, night school)
4. Housework
  • Try to maintain a clean house at all times ( I know probably impossible!)
  • Keep up on laundry so its not a whole day chore!
  • Keep up on dishes or buy a dishwasher to make life easier!
6. Travel
  • Do more fun travel and exploring
    • Redwood Forest
    • Santa Barbara
    • Yosemite
    • Las Vegas
    • Des Moines
    • Anywhere in Europe
    • East Coast
    • Too many to name!
7. Learn
  • Take some type of classes at a local college to continue learning and have fun
  • Look into piano lessons to brush up on my skills
8. Self Discovery
  • To further develop myself and push myself to exceed the boundaries of what I view as possible for myself.
  • Learning to live in harmony with my self and surroundings
9. Environment
  • Look into ways that I can make less of an imprint
  • Buying more organic and local products
  • Joining a co-op
  • Traveling and offsetting my carbon imprint
10. Family
  • Spending time with my family and friends. Showing how much I love and appreciate them and their support they give me.
It was a hard list to come up with but it gives me a great in site into what I need to achieve in 2008. It is also good to put it out on in public so that people can help me to achieve my goals and push me when I get tired or think things are impossible.

Much love and happiness to everyone in 2008. Lets make this a year of achieving all of our hopes and dreams!


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Leslie said...

Fantastic! You did a great job writing your purpose out. Can you give me lessons on mine?
I think I should have added to mine with: Be more green by buying old. i.e. THRIFT SHOPPING! Tiffany and I decided that we are going to buy more presents for people from the thrifting this year. I also will add to that by doing more "hand made".
Anyway, good luck, let's see what this year brings us!