Monday, May 9, 2011

Busy , busy, busy

Work is getting really busy and that means less time for me to do general life necessities like laundry which means even less time to do blogging. Soooooooooo, instead here's a recap of my weekend via instagram (which I LUHUV).

We went to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles for dinner on Saturday. It was awesome as usual and if you're ever in LA a definite must!

Sunday, we rode our bikes to Thyme Cafe for Breakfast! We shared a frissee et lardon salad and a cornmeal waffle with lemon curd and fresh berries!

I love our Sunday mornings. They refresh me for what is inevitably too long a work week.

Jack took a picture of me via instagram that is now my favorite picture currently.

Later that night we grilled steaks and enjoyed our new patio lights.

We grilled a ribeye, roasted radishes, roasted tomatoes and an arugula salad with a simple dressing from my new Julia Child Cookbook. It was tres magnifique!

We also bought a yogurt machine. It makes seven 6 oz jars of homemade yogurt at a time. The consistency was very runny but the taste was great. I used an organic whole milk, a little bit of powdered milk, and a vanilla bean.

The weekend overall was amazing despite having to work unexpectedly on Saturday Morning.

P.S. Add me on instagram if you'd like - my user name is jackandtill

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