Sunday, September 14, 2008

Craft Project!!!

I bought a sewing machine last night as a splurge/want for a long time! I was at Joann's and really wanted to make my niece a cute little bag for trick or treating and jack had a good idea to make it out of the fuzzy/hairy fabric and from there i found all the components. So enjoy the pics below! It's so precious. Almost makes me wish that I was little again!

This is the interior of the bag (Jack helped do a bunch of the sewing/construction of the project!)

Bag with the eyes! I love how much they really look like cat eyes! Meow...

Voila! Finished cat bag! Its kinda cheesey/martha stewartish but come'on a little 2 year old walking around with this will be adorable! I also love the blank expression of the cat!

Cheers and happy Sunday!


1 comment:

Leslie said...

aaw, that is kind of creepy slash cute. micah and I agreed that this would be even better as a oven-mit. :)

How exciting, you now have a sewing machine! I am very proud of you.